Dining options at Chattanooga, TN senior living

Dining at The Terrace at Mountain Creek

What words best describe The Terrace's dining program?

  • Convenient
  • Nutritious & delicious
  • Friendly social time
  • Variety of choices
  • Restaurant style
  • Between meal snacks
  • Menu input welcomed
  • No mess to clean up!

At The Terrace we recognize the value of mealtime. For most of us, a good portion of our lives have traditionally revolved around food. We would catch up on the day's events at the evening meal. Holidays are incomplete without the accompanying celebratory meal. If we want to chat with a friend, we meet over coffee and pie. It’s no wonder we value our mealtime experiences so much.

Great dining table at The Terrace at Mountain Creek in Chattanooga
Wonderful meal at The Terrace at Mountain Creek in Chattanooga
dining at The Terrace at Mountain Creek in Chattanooga,TN

While healthy meals are an integral part of wellness, it’s about more than the food. But the truth that accompanies this is that in our golden years it may become harder to prepare those meals. It may be very difficult to get to the grocery and transport the purchases home. Mealtime may have lost its joy due to living alone and having no one to share it with. Or one may just lose the enthusiasm for the work involved with preparing meals all day long and the endless clean up involved. Worry not…it’s all taken care of!

The Terrace’s skilled and knowledgeable chef and staff prepare three nutritious, flavorful meals per day. Each day brings a new menu of tasty, healthy meals to savor. You will find a main entrée, accompanying side dishes and dessert, too. But don’t think you’re locked into one option. You have choices to make on this menu, and if the entrée doesn’t appeal to you, there is always an alternate menu of build-your-own salads, sandwiches and fruit plates available for your dining pleasure.

All meals are served in our cheerful, elegant dining rooms. Orders are taken restaurant-style by gracious professional servers. It is again time to gather and discuss the day’s activities with newfound friends. Time to linger over that rich cup of coffee with just one more story. And then, walk away to your next adventure, no clean up nor tip required! What could be better than that? Snacks between meals you say? If you’re an early riser, come for an early breakfast, then mid-morning stop by the Bistro and get a warm muffin and cup of coffee, all complimentary of course. You’ll find cookies or another tempting snack in the afternoon as well. And those holiday meals are a delight at The Terrace! We never miss an opportunity to celebrate with food and festivity!

Are you wondering how our chef decides what to prepare? He uses his experience and imagination weekly, but he also uses input from residents. Our chef holds monthly Food Committee meetings where residents gather and give input on the menu items they enjoy. Our goal is to provide a truly enjoyable dining experience for our residents, so we welcome and encourage feedback and suggestions. We invite you to join us for a complimentary lunch and ‘get a taste’ of The Terrace!

Bon Appétit!

Mouth-watering meal at The Terrace at Mountain Creek